Dental Veneers in Merrillville, IN

Your smile is often one of the first features someone notices when they meet you. Of course, everyone wants beautiful, straight teeth, but some of us need a little extra help achieving the smile of our dreams. Even celebrities rely on cosmetic treatments when it comes to their pearly whites, and chances are, they used veneers to transform their smile from dull to dazzling.  

At South Lake Dental, we offer cosmetic dentistry services such as veneers to patients who desire a five-star smile fit for the red carpet.

Woman looking in the mirror at dentist's office

How Can Veneers Transform My Smile? 

Veneers are one of the most effective treatments used to permanently conceal minor smile flaws. Veneers are wafer-thin porcelain or composite coverings that are placed over the visible surface of the tooth. This smile-saving cosmetic treatment can correct various tooth imperfections such as:

  1. Cracks, chips, and fractures
  2. Stains and discoloration 
  3. Gaps and uneven spaces between teeth 
  4. Minor misalignments 
  5. Enamel wear 
  6. Size and shape irregularities 
  7. Gummy smiles 

Dr. Christopher Lukasik at South Lake Dental applies veneers that match the size, shape, and shade of your natural teeth. With veneers in Merrillville, IN, you can be proud of showing off your new and improved smile! 

What’s the Treatment Process?

Dr. Lukasik gently bonds the veneer to the tooth’s surface using a dental adhesive. Veneers do not alter the position of your teeth, but they do camouflage aesthetic flaws when they are applied. They even hide minor orthodontic problems like slight misalignment, giving you a seamless and uniform smile. Though your natural teeth behind the veneers may still be gapped or crooked, no one will be able to tell! It’s a smile-secret between only you and your dentist. 

Benefits of Veneers 

Veneers have enhanced millions of smiles across the country. Not only do they improve a smile’s aesthetics, but they also protect the tooth from damage. You can choose to get a single veneer on one tooth or several veneers on multiple teeth. 

Some more benefits of veneers are: 

  1. They are low-maintenance.
  2. They don’t irritate the gums.
  3. They are stain-resistant. 
  4. They are durable and can last for several years. 
  5. They make your teeth look whiter. 

Choosing veneers to improve your smile can be life-changing. When you have an attractive smile, you feel more confident, and that confidence radiates from the inside out. You also seem more approachable, which can even lead to new and exciting professional opportunities. 

Middle aged woman with straight teeth Smile-Enhancing Veneers in Merrillville, IN 

If you desire to perfect your smile and correct smile flaws, veneers may be the treatment for you. Call us at (219) 769-6424 to schedule a cosmetic dentistry consultation with your Merrillville dentist, or click here to schedule online. 

We look forward to helping you achieve the smile of your dreams!