Dental Implants in Merrillville, IN

IPatients smiling in Merrillville, INf you have missing teeth, you have probably considered tooth replacement. But with all the options, how do you know which choice is best for you? You want to restore your smile, but you also want function and aesthetics. We can help!

At Southlake Dental, our Merrillville dentist offers several tooth replacement options, but dental implants are a patient favorite. And we recommend them to those who want a prosthetic that closely mimics natural teeth.  

Learning Whether Dental Implants Are a Good Choice for You

Your dentist provides an exam and consultation before giving the go-ahead for dental implants. We want to make sure your jawbone is in good shape for the dental implant. And for upper implants, your dentist considers the position of your sinus.

During your consultation, your dentist will talk to you about your smile goals and share all exam findings, including whether dental implants are a good choice for you and whether you will need pretreatments.

The Dental Implant Process 

A dental implant is a tooth replacement root that your dentist surgically implants in your jaw. Of course, the treatment area is always numb, and we make sure you’re completely relaxed. Patients typically compare placement discomfort to less invasive treatments like dental fillings. You may notice a few days of slight swelling and soreness as well, but it is not substantial. Your dentist or physician can recommend a good drugstore pain reliever.

Over the next several months, your implant post bonds with your jawbone. This integration creates a strong foundation for your replacement tooth.

If you have lost all or a majority of your teeth, ask your dental implant dentist in Merrillville about implant-supported dentures or other prosthetics. Typically, your dentist can use four to six implant posts to support your denture. This way, you don’t need an implant for every lost tooth.   

The Benefits of Dental Implants

Dental implants are very similar to natural teeth because they also replace your tooth root. A new tooth root can help stimulate your jawbone to prevent bone loss. Dental implants can also guard against slippage—teeth moving toward smile gaps—which means a greater risk for tooth wear and cavities.

Dental implants also do not require relines or adhesives like some other tooth replacement options.  

Keeping Your Dental Implant HealthyDiagram of how a dental implant works

Dental implants are like natural teeth, and they require the same type of care. Just as with natural teeth, brush and floss twice daily, visit your dentist regularly for exams and teeth cleanings, and never use your dental implant or your tooth as unintended tools—opening a bottle or twisting off a cap, for example.

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