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How long will my dental crown procedure take?

A dental crown procedure usually requires two to three visits at most dentists' offices. But at Southlake Dental, we offer a unique process that supplies a dental crown on the same visit. With this process, you could leave our office in three hours or less with a new tooth restoration.

The Same-Day Crown Process

The process begins when we take digital scans of your old tooth and then prepare it to become the foundation for your dental crown. Then we use the scans of your old tooth to map the restoration in shape and size to fit with the adjacent teeth seamlessly.

We move this design digitally to our in-house milling machine, which will physically build your dental crown. After we check the milled crown for fit and adjust it if necessary, we color your crown to match and finish it in a special ceramic kiln for longevity. Finally, when we are sure the crown has been double-checked and is ready, we cement it securely in place.

The advantages of our crown process are that it saves time, especially if your restoration needs to be adjusted. Using an outside lab, dental crowns created traditionally may contain errors that take weeks to repair. Finally, our digital imaging process for impressions is as precise as anything available today.

If you are ready to fix a damaged tooth in one day, please contact Southlake Dental in Merrillville, IN. We are happy to answer your questions and help you improve your oral health.

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